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  Nov 23 2014 5:22AM     Anand
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Here Anand gave such a good explanation about Convert JSON Result to JavaScript Object and Bind result dynamically in table.
Consider the following as JSON Result.

var jsonRes = '{ "students" : [' +
'{ "firstName":"Michel" , "Ryan":"John" ,"age":18},' +
'{ "firstName":"Richard" , "lastName":"Joe","age":20 },' +
'{ "firstName":"James" , "lastName":"Henry","age":15 } ]}'; 

Then, Convert JSON to Javascript Object Using built-in function JSON.parse() available in javascript.
var studentObject = JSON.parse(jsonRes);

<script type="text/javascript">
        window.onload = function what() {
            var jsonRes = '{ "students" : [' +
              '{ "firstName":"Michel" , "lastName":"John" ,"age":18},' +
              '{ "firstName":"Richard" , "lastName":"Joe","age":20 },' +
              '{ "firstName":"James" , "lastName":"Henry","age":15 } ]}';

            var studentObject = JSON.parse(jsonRes);
            var bindHtml = "";
            if (studentObject != null) {

                bindHtml += "<table class='tblBorder'>";
                bindHtml += "<tr><th>FirstName</th><th>LastName</th><th>Age</th></tr>";
                for (var i = 0; i < studentObject.students.length; i++) {
                    bindHtml += "<tr style='text-align: center;'>";
                    bindHtml += "<td>'" + studentObject.students[i]["firstName"] + "'</td>";
                    bindHtml += "<td>'" + studentObject.students[i]["lastName"] + "'</td>";
                    bindHtml += "<td>'" + studentObject.students[i]["age"] + "'</td>";
                    bindHtml += "</tr>";
                bindHtml = bindHtml + "</table>";
                document.getElementById("tableContainer").innerHTML = bindHtml;


    <div id="tableContainer"></div>


<style type="text/css">
style='border: 1px solid #81B411;border-collapse: collapse;width: 34%;' border='1'
  border: 1px solid #81B411;border-collapse: collapse;width: 34%;'

background-color: #81B411;


Hi, This is Anand.I hope this page will helps you to Convert JSON Result to Java script Object and bind dynamically in table.Thanks.

Sep 5 2015 4:02AM
Great and simple explanation. Thanks.

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