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Category - C# Interview Questions
1. What is C#?
  • C# is an object oriented, type safe and managed language that is compiled by .Net framework to generate Microsoft Intermediate Language.

2. What is object?
  • Any real time entity is called as an object.
  • Every object consist of state(look and feel) and behaviour(what is does).
  • States are called as fields and behaviors are called as methods.

3. What is a class?
  • Class is a blueprint of an object.
  • It consists of fields which are not allowed to access from outside the class.
  • It also consists of methods which are allowed to access from outside the class.

4. What are access modifiers?
  • Access Modifiers (Access Specifiers) describes as the scope of accessibility of an Object and its members.
  • All C# types and type members have an accessibility level.
  • We can control the scope of the member object of a class using access specifiers.
  • We are using access modifiers for providing security of our applications.
  • When we specify the accessibility of a type or member we have to declare it by using any of the access modifiers provided by CSharp language.
Types of Access Specifiers:
  • public
  • private
  • protected
  • internal
  • protected internal
In tabular Form:

publicThere are no restrictions on accessing public members.
privateAccess is limited to within the class definition. This is the default access modifier type if none is formally specified
protectedAccess is limited to within the class definition and any class that inherits from the class
internalAccess is limited exclusively to classes defined within the current project assembly
protected internalAccess is limited to the current assembly and types derived from the containing class. All members in current project and all members in derived class can access the variables.

5. What is the difference between value type and reference type?
Value type: 

Value type is the data type variable for which the memory is allocated at compile time. This concept is also called as early binding or static binding.

Reference type:

Reference type is the data type variable for which the memory is allocated at runtime. This concept is also called as late binding or dynamic binding

6. What is constructor?
  • Constructor is a special method which has same name as class name.
  • It does not have return type, but can have parameters.
  • It should be public; in some situations it can be private.
  • Default Constructor of a class is without any parameters.
  • Constructor is invoked automatically when we create an object.
  • You cannot invoke constructor explicitly.

7. What is the use of constructor?
  • Constructor is used to initialize the object.

8. What is constructor overloading?
If we have more than one constructor in a class with different parameters then we called it as constructor overloading.

9. What is Method overloading?
If in a class there is more than one method, with the same name but different parameters then we call this as method overloading.

10. What is compile time or static polymorphism?
In method Overloading the code for the method is generated at compile time itself. Hence it is called as static polymorphism.

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