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In this article Anand Explianed the Difference between ASP.NET web service and WCF services like ASP.NET web services. I will also discusses how we use the both technologies for developing the web services.
Web Service in
1. A Web Service is programmable application logic accessible via standard Web protocols.

One of these Web protocols is the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

2. SOAP is a W3C submitted note (as of May 2000) that uses standards based technologies (XML for data description and HTTP for transport) to encode and transmit application data.
WCF Service:
1. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a framework for building service-oriented applications.

2. Using WCF, you can send data as asynchronous messages from one service endpoint to another.

3. A service endpoint can be part of a continuously available service hosted by IIS, or it can be a service hosted in an application.

4. An endpoint can be a client of a service that requests data from a service endpoint.

5. The messages can be as simple as a single character or word sent as XML, or as complex as a stream of binary data.
In what scenarios WCF must be used:
1. A secure service to process business transactions.

2. A service that supplies current data to others, such as a traffic report or other monitoring service.

3. A chat service that allows two people to communicate or exchange data in real time.

4. A dashboard application that polls one or more services for data and presents it in a logical presentation.

5. Exposing a workflow implemented using Windows Workflow Foundation as a WCF service.

6. A Silverlight application to poll a service for the latest data feeds.
Features of WCF :
1. Service Orientation
2. Interoperability
3. Multiple Message Patterns
4. Service Metadata
5. Data Contracts
6. Security
7. Multiple Transports and Encodings
8. Reliable and Queued Messages
9. Durable Messages
10. Transactions
11. AJAX and REST Support
12. Extensibility
Difference between Web Service in & WCF Service
WCF ASP.Net Web Services
[ServiceConract] and [OperationContract]
//attributes defines web service and methods.

public interface ITest
    string ShowMessage();

Public Class Service : ITest
   public string ShowMessage()
      return "Hello World";

[WebService] and [WebMethod] 
//attributs defines web service and methods.

public class Service :
    public string Test()
       return "Hello World";
Hosted in IIS, WAS [Windows Activation Service] Self-hosting windows Service. Hosted in IIS
Accessed through HTTP,TCP,MSMQ,P2P, Named Pipes. Accessed through HTTP.
Supports Security, reliable messaging, transactions, durable messsages, Service Orientation, Interoperability, Service metadata, ajax and REST support and Extensibility. Supports Security services.
Uses the services/metadata to generate the client for the service. Uses the Command-Line tool WSDL.EXE to generate the client for the service.
Unhandled Exceptions are not returned to client as SOAP faults.A configuration setting is provided to handle the handled exceptions returned to clients for the purpose of debugging. Unhandled Exceptions are not returned to client as SOAP faults.
The Generated WSDL can Customized by using service metadataBehaviour Class. The Generated WSDL can Customized by using service DescriptionFormatioExtension Class.
System.Runtime.Serialization is supported.

Better performance Data Contract Attribute and Data Member Attribute can be added to .Net framework types to indicate that instance of the type are to serialized into XML, and Which particular fields or properties of the type are to be serialized
Classes that implements the IDictionary interface can be serialized.
Hash Table can be serialized.
System.XML.Serialization is supported.

Worse performance Only public fields or Properties of .Net types can be translated into XML.
Only the Classes which implements the IE numerable and ICollection interface can be serialized.
Hash Table can not be serialized.
Can be multithreaded via ServiceBehaviour Class. Can not be multithreaded.
Supports different type of binding like Basic Httpbinding, ASHttpBinding, WSDualHttpBinding. Only used SOAP or XML for this.
I hope this page will helps you to create first window service in C#.Thanks.

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