IBM to offer mobile security as a service IBM will start delivering mobile security-as-a-service (MaaS) through its own cloud infrastructure in India, a move that is expected to better address in-country data requirements... IBM Spectrum Computing: IBM has enlarged its portfolio of software-defined infrastructure solutions with cognitive features for workload management.  * LiFi internet technology has been introduced, the new type of wireless internet connection that gives 100 times faster than traditional WiFi -- Invented by Professor Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh. * Sci. Rachid Yazami has developed a smart chip that charges smartphones in less than 10 minutes. BenQ has launched BlueCore projector - Consumer electronics major BenQ has launched its first BlueCore laser light source projector. For those unaware, devices with BlueCore laser technology have a high contrast output of 80000:1 with an extended lamp life and efficiency. *** 
Category - ASP.Net Programming
Dec 21 2014 7:49AM    Posted By: Pragathi   Tagged As: ASP.Net
Here, Example shows, how to download a file in ASP.Net using C#/VB
 protected void btnDownload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
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Dec 14 2014 8:30AM    Posted By: Pragathi   Tagged As: ASP.Net, Email
Here, Example shows how to send Email with Attachment using SMTP Host With Gmail Credentials.
// Save attached file in Server path, will delete later
FileName = Path.GetFileName(fileAttachment.PostedFile.FileName);
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Dec 14 2014 8:29AM    Posted By: Pragathi   Tagged As: ASP.Net, Email
Here, Example shows how to Send HTML Page As Email Body with Attachment using SMTP Host With Gmail Credentials.
public string EmailTemplate()
          string EmailFormat = 
              "<div>" +
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Dec 14 2014 8:26AM    Posted By: Pragathi   Tagged As: ASP.Net, Email
Here, Example shows how to send Email using SMTP Host With Gmail Credentials.
protected void btnSend_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
bool result = sendmail(txtReceiver.Text.Trim(), txtSubject.Text.Trim(), txtBody.Text.Trim());
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Dec 14 2014 8:25AM    Posted By: Micheal   Tagged As: C# Tutorial, ASP.Net, WebUserControl
User controls are reusable controls that can be defined once and used whenever we need them, in any of the .aspx pages of our application.
<%@ Register Src="~/Controls/Search.ascx" TagPrefix="ucSearch" TagName="Search" %>          
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Dec 14 2014 8:25AM    Posted By: Rohan   Tagged As: ASP.Net, C# Tutorial, iTextSharp
For that we have to use a dll called iTextSharp. Click here to download iTextSharp dll file.
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        // Read PDF Text
        string PdfData = ReadPdfFile(@"C:\Test.pdf");          
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Dec 14 2014 8:24AM    Posted By: Rohan   Tagged As: ASP.Net
Here Example shows to Capture current page in ASP.Net with the image format of Bitmap (.bmp)
protected void btnScreenShot_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
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Dec 14 2014 8:24AM    Posted By: Michael Ryan   Tagged As: ASP.Net, CSV
Here Example shows, Creating CSV file for Employee.
protected void CreateCSV(DataTable dt, string filePath)
System.Data.DataView view = new System.Data.DataView(dt);
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